About Us

ChristmasMorning.net is the home of the pay it forward Christmas book “Once Upon A Christmas Morning: A Musical Christmas Story”.  Produced by Anderlane Studios, our mission with this project is two fold:


  1. To help #ReinstateChrist as the central figure in our Christmas celebrations while encouraging others to do the same, and
  2. To offer this book as a free gift to any who want it, or to any who cherish the message found in this story’s pages.


You can help with these two missions by sharing any of you or your family’s efforts to #ReinstateChrist in Christmas under the hashtag #ReinstateChrist.  You’ll also find a page here on our website where you are welcome to share your stories. We'd love to share those moments with you!


In addition, in order for us to continue offering the Christmas book as a gift to the world, which includes translating it in other languages in the future, we encourage you to consider helping in that effort by visiting our Pay It Forward page. 


 You can enjoy the story "Once Upon A Christmas Morning" for free in multiple ways!  Check out our Listen page where you'll find the musical version of the song.  Or order your free copy of the book here.  Please keep in mind that we limit 1 free copy per customer, and that our goal is if you are giving it as a gift, to please pay the full purchase price.


Thank you for visiting us, and we hope your holiday season is that much brighter after enjoying "Once Upon A Christmas Morning: A Musical Christmas Story".