Pay It Forward

We decided to take a unique approach with the way this book gets to others.  We’d like every copy distributed to be a gift for someone.  It’s a special message, and you can help us spread it. 

With your help, we can give this book to children and their families everywhere, including translating it to other languages.

Choose Your Contribution

If you would like to help spread this story’s message to others around the world, please consider joining us in that effort with any contribution of your choice:


  • $20 will gift someone the Paperback version
  • $35 will gift someone the Hardcover version
  • Or, choose your own amount


Send Your Gift To Someone Special

If you would like to join this effort by paying full price for a book and have someone specific in mind to gift it to, please order the book here.  Simply leave the address for your desired recipient at checkout.

A Special Thank You Gift

As a thank you for ANY contribution, big or small, you will be given the special interactive Digital edition of this book which includes animations, sounds, videos and more.   You will also receive free lifetime updates of all the media produced for this project in the future.


Thank you for joining with us in making this book available as a gift for all who want it!