From the Author

While this book was being written, I went to a major department store around Christmas time to find a Nativity set. I wanted a little statue of Mary holding Jesus to help inspire my work on this project. I saw bright decorations everywhere—Christmas trees, reindeer, Santa Clause, and more—but couldn't see the Nativity sets. So I asked a manager to help me. To my surprise she said, “We don’t carry Nativity sets.”

I continued to shop, a little bewildered. I soon realized how very few items at all referenced Christ’s birth. Then, something literally fell off the shelf in front of me. It revealed a hidden set of Christmas cards with Mary holding Jesus—tucked away, almost impossible to find. If something hadn't fallen, I never would have found them!

I bought those cards for inspiration, instead of the statue I had hoped for. This experience made me more aware that the world is forgetting the reason we celebrate Christmas. It inspired me with a desire to reinstate Christ as the central figure in our Christmas celebrations.

Would you join with me in the effort to #ReinstateChrist in our celebration of Him? You can share your efforts under the hashtag #ReinstateChrist. Together we can show Him that we want to welcome Him as the one true King, just as the shepherds welcomed Him long ago.

I hope you enjoy this musical Christmas story, and that you’ll join with me to #ReinstateChrist in Christmas again. We might find that the Christ Child, though born long, long ago, isn’t actually far, far away. He may be tucked away, behind a few things we’ve put in front of Him—a few things that might have to ‘fall off the shelf’ before we realize just how close He really is. I hope we’ll let them fall. He knows we need him. Let’s show Him that we know it too.