Presented by Anderlane Studios

Story written by Thann Shira

Illustrated by Simon Treadwell



Music & Lyrics: Thann Shira

Composed and Arranged: Anderlane Studios

Trumpets: Kyle Matthees

French Horns: Tadas Butkus

String Sections: Richard John Curran, Alon Hillel

Piano: J Fenando

Main Vocal: Thann Shira

Mary Vocals: Sheila Laufenberg

Angel Choirs: Allison Cammack, Thann Shira

Child Vocals: Sage Shira,  Jora and Natalie Lukkenaer @natalievocalcoach


Additional Audio Recordings

Audiobook Narration: Rupert Stutchbury



Paintings: Simon Treadwell

Storyboards: Usman Aziz

Animations: Popup 3d 

Book Layout/Graphic Design: Anderlane Studios

Video Content/Editing: Anderlane Studios, Shantal Schwartz


Additional Credits

Back Cover Synopsis: Sheila Laufenberg

Proof Readers: Shantal Schwartz, Sheila Laufenberg, Shari Laufenberg, Kyle Shira, Amber Smyth

Video Recordings: Shantal Schwartz

Models/Actors/Stand-Ins: Kyle Shira, Erica Ringen, Bruce and Melody Schwartz